Start Your Private Banking Services in Hong Kong

Opening Your Account

Many retail banks in Hong Kong offer a facility for private banking services. This enables you to manage assets, protect your wealth and secure a higher interest rate.

These kinds of private bank accounts are offered to wealthy individuals or proseperous companies. The level of service offered is far greater than that of a standard bank account.

Facilites and services offered include:

Asset Management, Wealth Protection, Family Office Set Up, Inheritance Planning, Investment Portfolio Management and more.

To find out about interest rates offered, contact your bank. We can arrange for a Private Banker to discuss opening an account for you. They will guide you through the process and inform you of interest rates and options.

Private banking services are used by high net worth individuals, helping them to earn through a well managed account. Switzerland is the ideal location to set up this type of account as it offers unparalleled experience and tax laws.