Hong Kong Bank India

The Hongkong Shanghai Banking Corporation operates in India having bought out the Mercantile Bank of India in 1959. HSBC is now the fastest growing bank in India.

Main Banking Services Offered

  • Personal banking services, a typical type of high street account.
  • Banking services for investments, private banking and more.
  • Credit Cards including platinum and MMT cards.
  • Loans for moving home, purchases or anything else.
  • Bank Accounts for different needs.
  • NRI Services for holding money in different locations.
  • Insurance services including smart plan and eSmart.
  • Investment services such as mutual funds, systematic investment plans and technology solutions.
  • Wealth Management including risk profiling, tailored wealth solutions and financial planning services.
  • Special Offers and Discounts for year round special offers with HSBC.
  • Internet and Self Service Banking so you can access your banking services via the internet from anywhere in the world.
  • 30-Day Service Pledge which is a risk free cancellation period.

Services offered by HSBC India

  • NRI Services
  • Home Loans and Other Loans
  • Credit Cards
  • Personal Loan
  • Debit Cards
  • Bank Accounts and Fixed Deposits
  • Internet and Self Service Banking

Business Banking

  • International Business
  • Global Trade Solutions
  • Business Loans
  • Foreign Exchange Services

NRI Services

  • Canada
  • USA
  • UK
  • Australia
  • UAE

HSBC Account Types

  • HSBC Premier,¬†Banking without boundaries.
  • HSBC Advance
  • HSBC Savings Account
  • HSBC Fixed Deposits
  • SmartMoney Account
  • Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account
  • HSBC Demat Account
  • Corporate Employee Programme

HSBC Credit Cards

  • HSBC Visa Platinum Card offers rebates and rewards with 10% cash back during the first 90 days.
  • HSBC Premier Mastercard, premier services helping you to enjoy a privileged lifestyle.
  • HSBC Advance Visa Platinum card offers discounted rates, local offers and a personalised service.
  • MMT Signature¬†card helps you gain rewards on purchases for travelling and vouchers.
  • MMT Platinum card offers free flight tickets, discount vouchers and more.

Types of Loans

  • Home Loans, helping you move as quickly and stress free as possible.
  • Smart Home, lets you decide how much interest you pay.
  • Loan Against Property, helps to ensure nothing gets in the way of your dream.
  • Smart Loan Against Property helps you save on interest, contact HSBC for more information.
  • Personal Loan, whatever your needs whether it’s a wedding, new car, house or holiday HSBC can help.