Asset Management

Asset management is the monitoring and maintenance of a companies or individuals assets. This maintenance may apply to tangible and intangible assets. The process involves operating and improving of cost effectiveness of the assets.

A professional asset manager will try to ensure the highest possible return on assets and protect them. You are able to work with your bank to find practical money management solutions that fit your individual needs.

These types of services are usually offered to High Net Worth Individuals who already have private banking services or those looking to start their own premier banking services. A private bank can manage your assets for you, leaving you to enjoy your life. Many commercial banks have private or premium banking services available.

We recommend you fully research your chosen banks asset management facility. The reward  upon securing an excellent asset management facility is both piece of mind and financial security.

Ask your bank about fixed asset management, physical asset management and enterprise asset management.

Many wealthy individuals and businesses utilise the experience and expertise of the Hong Kong banking sector.

Asset management services help to ease the pressure of the management of your assets. You can set up a family office to monitor spending throughout the family. You can also utilise the services of a Hong Kong banker to manage a successful portfolio of investment.